Porto Through the Eyes of Catarina

"I couldn't imagine Porto without the people ('tripeiros') and the river Douro".

Catarina, 30 years old

It is a pleasure to have met Catarina, a natural-born in Porto, and we talked about the city. Catarina is a wonderful person with a friendly and kind personality. She is a dedicated vegan with an artistic talent and a good heart reflected in her eyes.
I thank her so much for her time and the lovely thoughts she shares with us.

Porto in one word is…

C: Nostalgic [well maybe this is for me].

You couldn’t imagine Porto without…

C: The people [‘tripeiros’] and the river Douro.

How would you describe the people of Porto?

C: With strong temperament, the people of Porto know how to stand up for themselves.

Who are the most popular people in Porto?

C: Jose Mourinho.

During which season do you enjoy more Porto, and why?

C: All the seasons are nice because there are different things to do in each one of them.

Which is your favourite spot in Porto?

C: Jardins do Palacio de Cristal.

Which is your favourite local food, and where do you enjoy it more?

C: ‘Francesinha’ which is different kinds of meat inside bread, topped with cheese, egg and sauce in the oven with fries (you can have a seafood one and nowadays you can even ask for vegan option). Also Codfish pastry and grilled fish/squid is a must.

Which is the weirdest food someone could taste in Porto?

C: Papas de sarrabulho.

Do you think would be safe for someone to walk alone at night?

C: Yes I feel safe, never had any problem but times are changing!

What would you change in Porto if you could?

C: Adjusting the streets in order to have less cars in the Historical center (car flow around the center and public transport like tram inside would be a solution since there is a lot of car flow and traffic in streets not adapted for that). Also making the city more bicycle/electric scooter friendly.

If you could host a celebrity for two hours, who would be, and where would you take him out?

C: I would host a rock star probably (: and take him/her to have a walk in Ribeira followed by Food and then grabbing a drink and enjoying the magic sunset in ‘Jardim das Virtudes’.

What would you advice someone visiting Porto?

C: Ribeira, café Piolho, wine cellars in Gaia, Jardim das Virtudes, Palácio de Cristal, Sao Bento Train Station.

Imagine you had to live in another city or country, then where would you like to go?

C: In a nordic country.

In this case, what would you miss from Porto?

C: The spirit of the city, nights out in Galerias and Super Bock.

Which song would you dedicate to the city?

C: ‘Vinho do Porto’ by Carlos Paião and Cândida Branca Flôr.

Thank you Catarina!

Porto Through the Eyes of Catarina

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