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Budapest through the eyes of blanca

Best spot ever: when the weather is warmer you can sit up to the green bridge. Grab some drink and wait for the sunset: view 10/10


You couldn't imagine Budapest without...

Without the old yellow trams that have been running around the city for decades (line 47 / 49).

How would you describe the people of Budapest?

“No filter” kinda people.

What would you change in the city if you could?

Nothing 🙂

During which season do you enjoy it more?

Spring. The weather is warmer, the sun is shinning, the terraces are open. Have a “froccs” on a bar terrace.

Budapest in one word is...


Which song would you dedicate to the city?

“Csonded vagyole” or “Budapest” by Tamas Cseh.

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Which is your favourite local food, and where do you enjoy it more?

Goulash at my grandma’s home or in the Great Market Hall.

What would you advise someone visiting budapest?

Have some “forint” ( local currency) with you and make sure you say Budapest and no Bucharest. This is not technically Eastern Europe and yes, the tap water is drinkable 🙂

Where would you like to go if you had to live in another place?

In Greece 

What would you miss from budapest then?

The nightlife and the public transport. You can take the tram at 4am if you want 🙂

If you could host someone for two hours, where would you take them out?

Up to the lookout in St. Stephen Basilica or to the Great Market Hall.

Köszönöm Blanca

During my short stay in Budapest, I got the best impression of the city’s residents. They seemed like people feeling good in their skin, with nothing to prove and nothing to pretend.

Blanca is one of them. She is a lovely young lady, shining from the excitement of living in a city which loves. She is a brilliant representative of Budapest, as she works professionally in tourism, and is used to providing info about her place.

I thank her very much for her kindness in answering those questions!




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