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Dziękuję Raff

Krakow through the eyes of Raff

What do I enjoy more about living in Krakow? The fact that you can see the history in every corner.


You couldn't imagine Krakow without...

Kazimierz, the Jewish district. Because all the cultural stuff happens here, like all the musical festivals.

How would you describe the people of Krakow?

Mainly open to other cultures, with really good hospitality.

What are the 3 top things to see or to do here?

You should – obviously – see the Wawel because it’s like a big tourist site, but maybe – not obliviously – you should see the Nowa Huta. It is a totally separate district.

Then, the lake Zalew Nowohucki and the night bars on Kazimierz.

I think those three spots.

During which season do you enjoy it more?

During summer, because you can walk around the city. 


Krakow in one word is...

Cultural. Like all the big cities.

Which song would you dedicate to the city?

Every year is another one. So, you cannot connect it with one. 

Which is your favourite local food, and where do you enjoy it more?

We’ve got a lot of places with pierogies, and one nice place is Pierogi MR Vincent. Ιt is on Bozego Ciala.

What is the weirdest thing someone could eat here?

Maybe the raw fish (sledz).

Which is the most special local event ?

A really ‘big event’ is the festival of the Jewish culture in Kazimierz, and it is like one week in the summer.

If you could host someone famous for two hours, who would be and where would you take him out?

I don’t know who would be, but it would be definitely to see Kazimierz by night.

What would you advise someone visiting the city?

In Krakow, you can feel really safe.

What do you enjoy more about living here?

The fact that you can see the history in every corner. We have a lot of buildings with famous painters or writers.

What would you change in the city if you could?


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Is there something that bothers you about living here?

Nothing bothers me that much. We have a lot of green spaces, and it’s so easy to travel by bike. Me, I travel by bike so it’s really okay.

Where would you go if you had to live in another place?

Maybe in Berlin. It is very similar to Krakow but bigger.


What would you miss from Krakow then?

The fact that the city is very compact, and you can reach every spot on the map by walking or bike. It is a big plus.

Berka Joselewicza 12, 31-051 Kraków


Raff, a representative of Krakow’s culture, has lovingly created a place that supports recycling. It is the “Nic Nowego”, which means “Nothing New”. As its name reveals, the decoration comes from second-hand objects, creating a beautiful and friendly environment with personality.

Nic Nowego operates as a coffee shop, offering the best sustainable coffee in Krakow. Emphasizing quality, it is renowned for its excellent handmade ingredients, such as plant-based oat milk. It also has a wide selection of vegan homemade snacks, pies and delicious desserts to accompany your brunch or breakfast.
At the same time, the shop functions as a boutique with vintage clothes and handcrafted items. Also, very often, they organize special events such as the vinyl market or bookcrossing.
So, head to the bustling district of Kazimierz and take a break in this relaxed environment, where your coffee is an art to enjoy!


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