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Obrigada Julieta

Lisbon through the eyes of Julieta

Living in Lisbon is like always being on holiday


You couldn't imagine Lisbon without...

That light and the sun.

Which is the biggest local event?

The special thing about Lisbon is from the 1st to the 30th of June, the Festas de Lisboa. It is the biggest festival and is a one-month party.

Because of that event, the people think that the sardine is a symbol of Lisbon, but the sardines are the symbol of that festival. Twenty years ago, the mayor created that symbol. Since then, you can see sardines all over.

Lisbon in one word is...


What are the 3 top things to see or to do here?

I think the castle, the cathedral, and the river downtown.

How would you describe the people here?

Today, they are very different. There are people from many countries living here. In the past, they were workers and fishermen. Now, we have the tourists and the people from other countries.

Before, I knew everyone around, but now only three people. Everyone left, and the tourists stayed.

But I continue to be the same. I’m not global with my heart. What I do, all the shop is different.

Who is the most popular person in the city?

Santo Antonio. You probably know that Saint Vincent was the Patron Saint of Lisbon, but Santo Antonio is more popular. Of course, there are other figures too, but Saint Antonio is the most popular.

If you could host someone famous for two hours, who would be?

I have a lot of favourites. If he were still alive, I would choose Walt Disney. For me, he is so charismatic. What he achieved is something amazing, and he made it because he had a dream.

What do you enjoy more about living here?

I live here and, for me, it is like I am always on holiday, because I go to the street and everyone is happy and laughing. You don’t see people going to work with ties and suits.

What would you advise someone visiting the city?

To be aware of the pickpockets. There are a lot, and they are not only men. There are women, young girls and boys. Everyone steals.

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What is your favourite local food?

I love very much the local food. When I go to other countries, I miss my food. We have 1000 ways to prepare the bachalau. We can have the pasteis de bachalau, bachalau espiritual, a bras, and the most simple is the bachalau con todos. It is what we eat on Christmas evening.

Which is the weirdest thing someone could eat here?

The snails. We eat a lot of snails, and people are surprised when we eat them.

What would you change in the city if you could?

I would change our streets. Everyone falls. I have felt four times, and it hurts a lot. I love the way that they made the streets. It is artistic, but sometimes it is horrible.

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Which song would you dedicate to the city?

Fado from Carlos do Carmo Lisboa.

Where would you like to go if you had to live in another city or country?

I like England. I like London with the shops and the crowded streets, but I think it would be raining a lot. But on the other hand, I like the green landscapes. I see myself living there. For me, it’s magical.

What would you miss from Lisbon then?

The weather and the blue sky. The light of the sky.

R. Augusto Rosa 27, 1100-058 Lisboa

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