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10 Travel Movies Full of Nature and Adventure

Ten thrilling films about unique journeys full of nature and adventure. In fact, nine true stories of people whose thirst for exploration led them to unforgettable experiences, and one fiction story that is so interesting that it could not be missing from the list. Travel with these extraordinaire heroes through your screen and experience the ultimate adventure.

10. True Spirit (2023)

The Australian film “True Spirit” presents the adventurous journey of teenager Jessica Watson to the Guinness World Record and the feat of a teenager who wants to realize her dreams. 

The 16-year-old attempted, in 2009, to break the record of the youngest sailor to sail around the world without reaching port or receiving any outside help. And he almost succeeded.

Watch the preparation for her trip, her daily life on the boat “Pink Lady”, the psychological fluctuations of the heroine, and the real adventures she lived on board.

Sarah Spillane directs this inspiring film that gives faith in the achievement of man’s dreams and dedication to our goals. It lasts 109 minutes and will be watched with pleasure by all family members.

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9. Tracks (2013)

The Australian film “Tracks” is based on the true story of Australian Robyn Davidson, who attempted, in 1977, to cross the Australian desert 2,700 kilometres to the Indian Ocean. And she did. Her companions were her dog and four camels, while her opponents were heat and hardship.

We follow the efforts and preparation of the protagonist’s trip, her familiarity with camels, and the way she found to make it happen. Then begins her journey, the moments of absolute happiness at the beginning and the rough trials that followed.

This sweet film directed by John Curran invites you for 113 minutes to become a fellow traveller on a rare journey that is a lifetime experience. It enchants you with landscapes and inspires your faith that your dream, when putting all your energy into it, then it can become true.

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8. The Swimmers (2022)

The British-produced film “The Swimmers” presents the true story of Yusra Mardini. It shows her fearless journey from Syria to Germany and her emotional journey from the war zone to the Olympic Games.

The heroine, forced by the war in Syria, leaves her country and emigrates illegally to Germany. Director Sally El Hosaini brings to the screen the dangerous adventures she went through crossing the Aegean as an illegal immigrant, the methods followed by these outlaw networks, and the procedures for rescuing them.

But Yusra’s adventure continues as we follow her journey to glory at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The film keeps the interest undiminished for 135 minutes while the plot will move and inspire you at once.

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7. Broad Peak (2022)

Get ready to travel to the border between Pakistan and the Alps for a historic ascent of the Karakorum Mountain range and experience the ultimate adventure. This Polish film, based on a true story directed by Leszek Dawid, will fascinate you for 102 minutes.

The film follows the climbing of Polish Maciej Berbeka in 1988, who attempted to become the first person ever to reach Broad Peak during winter. Don’t read furthermore, better watch it!

The plot keeps the interest constantly undiminished, and the heroic climbers are ready to realize their ambitions at any cost.


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6. The Icebreaker (2016)

The “Icebreaker” is a brilliant adventure full of suspense based on a real story and will amaze you with its plot and authenticity without the need for special effects.

In 1985 the Russian icebreaker “Mikhail Somov” was sailing serenely in Antarctica when it collided with an iceberg. The impact immobilizes the vessel for 133 days, which drives the crew to the extreme as their patience and supplies dwindle.

The mutiny is the opposite of what they expected, and the danger is literally behind their backs, with an iceberg of gigantic proportions chasing them. Will they survive?

Travel with the Icebreaker to the rugged beauty of Antarctica and admire images of the magnificent landscapes. The film also gives you a virtual experience of the daily life on board such a vessel and transmits their psychology under these uncertain conditions. It beautifully illustrates human relationships and is highlighted by the excellent performances of Pyotr Fyodorov and Sergei Puskepalis. It lasts 124 minutes, directed by Nikolay Khomeriki.


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5. Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

“Seven Years in Tibet” is a multinational blockbuster that tells the gripping story of two Austrian climbers at the beginning of World War II. Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, it has excellent actors and lasts 129 minutes.

In 1939 the two Austrians travelled for mountaineering in India. But when war breaks out, they get arrested, and after many adventures and hardships, they end up in the Holy City of Tibet, where they get to know the culture, the way of life and the Dalai Lama.

This enchanting story takes you to beautiful places and showcases the remarkable local culture. It will keep you in suspense and inspire you on long journeys. You will love it.


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4. Against the Ice (2022)

“Against the Ice” is an excellent film of Danish production based on the adventurous journey of two Danish explorers to frozen Antarctica.

In 1909, the group of explorers embarked on a demanding expedition to prove that Greenland was an island and to disprove claims that it belonged to the United States. But the polar cold thwarts their plans, and the explorers get trapped in the hostile environment for two years.

For 103 minutes, director Peter Flinth takes us on a journey through the beautiful landscapes of Greenland and Iceland and drags us into an agonizing battle for survival. This real adventure highlights how far a man can go to achieve his goals and what happens when he exceeds his limits. It is a tremendous physical and psychological ordeal in which friendship is the only redemption.


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3. The Age of Pioneers (2017)

The Russian film “The Age of Pioneers”, also known as “The Spacewalker”, is an immersive adventure that lasts for 2 hours and 17 minutes and will take your breath away. The film presents the ultimate feat of humanity, the first astronaut’s walk in space.

In 1965, Russia prematurely launched the Voskhod 2 spacecraft, manned by cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev, to make the first walk into space.

Watch all the details of the mission, the selection of the crew, their training and the risky execution of this mission.

The writers and the director Dmitry Kiselyov, under the guidance of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, describe in detail all the adversities the crew faced during this historic exhibition, as well as their agonizing rescue after landing.

Travel to space through cinema, since the chances of actually doing so are rather slim, identify with the protagonists in this excellent, realistic film and see how luck ultimately favours those who dare.


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2. Into the Wild (2007)

The film adaptation of the biography of the American Christopher McCandless was directed by Sean Penn and adorned with the background music of the singer of the band Pearl Jam. It won many awards and the heart of the audience.

Emile Hirsch plays the protagonist who, rejecting the modern way of life, donates all his belongings and embarks on a solitary journey to Alaska to live in perfect harmony with nature.

His estrangement in Alaska contributes to his self-consciousness and the conclusion that man can feel happy only when belonging to a society, next to the people with whom, he can communicate. So he decides to go back to his family. But the return is not so easy.

The American “In the Wild” lasts 148 minutes and is a true survival adventure that fills the eyes with images and the mind with thoughts.

It’s a movie worth watching.


1. The Beach (2000)

“The Beach” is not a true story but an enchanting fiction movie, or better, an anthem to an entire generation’s thirst for exploration. Based on the novel by Alex Garland, it will take you to the dreamy landscapes of Thailand.

Leonardo Di Caprio incarnates a young American who, seduced by the intense mood of exploration, embarks on an adventurous journey at the risk of his life. Luck is on his side, so he ends up in an earthly paradise. But it seems that “evil” is in man’s nature and, unfortunately, no paradise remains undefiled.

Director Danny Boyle once again signs a film – Diamond, in a spectacular Anglo-American production, accompanied by excellent performances and background music. The “Beach” lasts for 119 minutes and will be unforgettable.


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