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10 Top Destinations for the best family summer holidays in Europe!

Summer holidays play a first role in a family’s life, and with the carefree they offer, they create memories for parents and children that they will remember forever.

After the busy winter, the children, full of energy, are eager to party with non-stop play.

Parents, on the other hand, look forward to rest.

You want to offer the best to your children, but why compromise when there are excellent options that will satisfy you all? 

Here are ten ideas that all family members will love!

SIam park - tenerife

The best water park in the whole world is located in the Canary Islands, in Tenerife, and is called Siam Park. It is created by the Princess of Thailand, with impressive architecture that will take you to Asia. With 25 buildings of authentic Thai style, it is the most representative site outside the borders of Siam.

Have fun on the quadruple water slides and glide through underwater tunnels while watching the underwater laser show. Swim in the world’s longest low river or the artificial beach with the waves.

Relax in the cabanas, watch the walrus show, or walk the Thai floating market. Do your shopping there or try traditional recipes.

The park offers the ultimate summer fun and joy in a dreamy environment. It is situated next to the animated region of Los Cristianos, where the exotic beach will fill the rest of your mornings, while in the evenings, you will enjoy all the night bars and restaurants.

The park is open all year round and offers entertainment and facilities for all ages, even infants. The entrance fee for adults is about 42 euros and for children 32 euros.


PortAventura World - Spain

Experience your best summer vacation in PortAventura, Spain, located one hour from Barcelona Airport and only 15 minutes away from Reus Airport.

It is a fabulous theme park that will entertain all family members with activities for all ages and keep you busy for the whole duration of your stay.

It contains three parks. PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land.

PortAventura Park includes six worlds: The Mediterranean, the Wild West, Polynesia, China, Mexico and the Sesame Road. The beautiful aesthetics of the space, the exciting adrenaline rides, others for young children and the themed restaurants will create a magical holiday atmosphere that you will remember forever.

The park is famous for its phenomenal parades and shows, while visitors stand out for the hypnotic bird show. In the evening, admire the magnificent fireworks and the artists who impress by playing with fire or dancing traditional Hawaiian dances. The evenings in PortAventura are overflowing with spectacle.

In the Caribe Aquatic Park, prepare yourselves for swimming, water attractions and sunbathing under the palm trees. Sandy pools with fun water slides, exotic bars and tropical plants compose a dreamy landscape of summer pleasure.

Finally, the Ferrari world takes visitors to Italian roads where young children can enjoy flying rides with cars. Older children can try mini cart formulas and enjoy an adrenaline attraction. Dads will have the opportunity to visit the Ferrari gallery and see the racing cars of the famous company.

Tickets are sold separately for each park, but you can buy the day ticket that gives you access to both parks, with 56 euros for adults and 49 euros for children, while the corresponding two-day ticket for adults costs only 62 euros.

For your stay, choose the stylish hotels within the resort that provide free entrance to the park. The price starts from about 230 euros for a family of four.


The Land of Legends - Turkey

The hyper-glamorous theme park – resort “The Land of Legends” is located in Turkey, in the coastal area of Antalya, Belek. It does not belong to Europe, but close enough to have easy access.

The vast surface, the perfect organization, the luxury environment of opulence and the plethora of activities make it a destination that will satisfy even the most demanding families.

Inside the establishment, you will find many rides and activities for young children, which take them to the magical world of the famous teddy bear Masha. In addition, older children and parents who like the adrenaline rush will love it for its wide variety of fast rollercoasters, flying carpets, floating platform drops and all the options that the best amusement park could offer today.

It is the ultimate summer destination to have fun with family in its massive water parks, pools, and water slides. The “Tropical Lake” area also offers a heated pool and a pool with artificial waves.

Every day in the pedestrian streets of the complex, spectacular shows with mimes, jugglers, acrobats, gondolas and musicians take place at frequent intervals, and you should not miss the dolphin show.

At the same time, there are clothing boutiques and restaurants with the most delicious proposals for all tastes, as well as the luxurious hotels of the group with fancy decorations or in a more children’s style that all families will love. Choose one of the park hotels, and enjoy the spas, traditional baths, semi-pension packages and free admission to all the attractions. 

The accommodation and park package for a four-member family for a four-day stay in the summer period starts at around 2,500 euros. But you have many options depending on your budget.

The day ticket without accommodation for two adults with two children is about 300 euros, while with a tiny difference, you can rent a family cabana for the whole day.

If you prefer to book your stay separately, you will find a wide variety in the very close hotels on the beautiful beach of Antalya.


Europa Park - Germany

It is one of the best theme parks in the world, the largest in Germany and the second most famous in Europe. It is in Rust, almost one hour from the French airport in Strasbourg. Visit it and get ready as a family, to experience endless fun and relaxation, not only in Germany but all over Europe.

The vast surface of the park contains three zones: Europa Park, Rulantica, and Yullbe.

Europa Park includes 19 worlds, themed around Germany, Italy, Greece, Ireland, and many other countries. There is also a world dedicated exclusively to the fairy tales of the Grimms Brothers. Their authentic architecture will leave you amazed, as we are not talking about miniatures but proper buildings, hosting countless games and activities for young and older people.

They offer a complete travel experience, as each world is “coloured” by the country’s music and restaurants offering local specialities.

Next to it is Rulantica, the park’s massive water world with fantastic outdoor pools, artificial indoor swimming lagoons, spa areas and plenty of saunas. Let the kids have fun on the amusing water slides, and treat yourself to total relaxation.

The park, excellent updated, created an additional world, Yullbe, with the most advanced virtual reality games. Pick up one of your preferred games and live with your family the unique experience of another world completely different from ours.

Also absolutely impressive are the shows that take place in the area throughout the day, while in the evening, they evolve into a spectacular performance.

In short, Europa Park is a unique combination of the most modern amusement park and a perfect theatrical atmosphere that will impress all the family members.

The park is open all year round, but if you visit it in the summer, you can enjoy the outdoor pools too. Furthermore, the weather will be great so you will have a more pleasant experience.

For your accommodation, choose one of the beautiful hotels in the complex according to your taste and budget. Indicatively, a room for one night, for a family of four people, costs 250 euros. You can also choose one of the cute camping tents for 125 euros per night for four people, or go with yours and pay only 50 euros total. This price is only for accommodation, without park tickets.

Entrance tickets are sold separately for each zone. Europa Park costs 57 euros for adults and 47 euros for children, while Rulantica costs 44 euros for adults and 41 euros for children.


Tropical islands - Germany

In the heart of Germany, just 60 kilometres from Berlin, lies the ultimate artificial paradise called “Tropical Islands”. It is the largest tropical resort in Europe. On a surface of about 100,000 square meters, dream worlds with exotic names such as Amazonia, Rainforest or Tropical Village were created, taking visitors to a parallel universe of an endless summer.

Tour the interior, walk the Tropical Village, and admire the original architecture of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Walk through the Rainforest, the world’s largest indoor forest, with around 50,000 plants, butterflies, turtles and flamingos.

Step out into Amazonia, the open-air area of the complex, and swim in the pools for all ages, sunbathe, surf or other water sports.

Play as a family on the many water slides, including the world’s longest of 200 meters.

 Relax in the Tropical Waters. An artificial lagoon, with a constant temperature of 28 degrees all year round, with a golden sandy beach 200 meters long and sunbeds under the palm trees, will make you forget where you are while admiring the heavenly waterfalls.

Play mini golf or go on a mini safari with your kids. Hop on the hot air balloon and fly 15 meters high for a unique experience and panoramic views. See cinemas or pre-dinner musical performances in one of the exotic restaurants. Grab a spa, sauna, massage or work out in the gym. Whatever you want, the Tropical Islands offer it.

May I come too?

The variety of accommodations on site is also impressive, from indoor or outdoor Indian teepee tents and rooms of contemporary aesthetics to suites above the waterfalls.

The resort operates all year round, but if you visit it in the summer, you can also enjoy the outdoor facilities, the “Amazonia” world.

Day tickets cost 47 euros for adults and 37 euros for children, but you can buy a family ticket for about 120 euros. If you choose the package with accommodation, then admission is free.


Zoomarine Algarve - Portugal

The oceanographic park Zoomarine Algarve is situated very close to the airport of the coastal area of Faro in Portugal, next to the marvellous Praia da Rocha Paixinhia beach, which is itself a tourist attraction.

It is a good combination of amusement water park, aquarium and zoo. Children who love water, birds, and fish will love it, and the same for parents looking for relaxation and fun during the family holidays.

Swim on the artificial beaches with the waves, play on the numerous water slides, go boating, hop on the carousels or fast rollercoasters, and get your adrenaline pumping at this brilliant amusement park.

Relax in the botanical garden with gorgeous butterflies flying around you as you admire the colourful plants and rare exotic birds. Visit the lake with alligators and tropical turtles, and play in the aquarium with rays.

Enjoy a 4D movie or one of the sea horses and seal demonstrations. Also, the show of pirates and exotic birds enchants all visitors. For the highlight, watch the unique dolphin show and enter the pool to swim with them! It is an experience that children will remember forever.

Young and old will not only be impressed with the activities but can also participate in educational games learning the ocean’s secrets. Also, the park organises five-day educative workshops addressed to children. If you are interested, first make sure that the child understands the spoken language of the instructors.

Tickets cost about 30 euros for adults and 20 euros for children, while there is a two-day admission for a better price.


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Efteling - Netherlands

The theme park – resort Efteling is located in the Netherlands, very close to the airport of the Eindhoven region. Surrounded by a beautiful forest with a lake, it is an excellent choice for families with children who love nature and want to escape from the fast pace of the city. It would be a good choice also for those who would like to try more “chill” holidays, away from the sea and high temperatures.

The park is like it came out of a fairy tale since this is its dominant theme, the classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Have fun with your kids on rollercoasters and carousels with dragons and knights, or hop on the vape train and travel through the park. Enjoy a boat ride on its tranquil lakes or rafting on the long river.

Visit with your children the Enchanted Forest, where fairy tales are true. Walk among giants and elves, stop by Hans and Grettel’s candy house, and search for Little Red Riding Hood.

If you’re warm, swim in the indoor pools or splash with your baby in the children’s pool. Efteling has activities and facilities for all ages.

Anytime you want, watch a 4D movie, but in the evenings, do not miss the spectacular shows and parades of heroes or the fireworks show on the lake.

For your accommodation, choose one of the hotels in the park that offer you all the comforts and free entrance to the area. The overnight price for a family of four or six members is about 500 euros.

The entrance price without accommodation is about 45 euros.


Area 47 - Austria

Area 47 is nearby the Otztal-Bahnhof Train Station and the Austrian Innsbruck Airport.

It is a unique place that appeals to families with teenagers and adrenaline lovers of all ages. It is Europe’s best extreme sports park.

It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities that will occupy the full of energy teenagers and give you the ultimate relaxation close to nature.

Choose one of the many types of rafting or kayaking, explore caves, or take climbing lessons. Cycle down the woods or launch yourself on the human rocket. The options are so many that fans will love it. Test your limits and discover new sports and experiences.

For parents looking for relaxation, enjoy water sports or swim in the lake surrounded by the unimaginable beauty of Austrian nature. Sunbathe, tour the forest or enjoy your meal in the various restaurants of the area.

Even in the evening, Area 47 has something to offer you with special shows and shows.

For your overnight, choose the wooden chalets of the park and, as its slogan says, “Live like a hero and sleep like a baby”. The quadruple room costs 200 euros per night and offers a discount on activities.

The activities have various charges, but there are also combined packages.

A great option is the “Sunday” package offered for weekdays and, with 170 euros per person, offers accommodation with breakfast in the room of your choice and free participation in some of the activities.


Le pal - France

Le Pal resort is in France, in the Moulin region and 2 hours from Lyon or Limoges airport.

It is a perfect combination of holiday resort, amusement park and zoo. It has activities and games for all ages and combines fun and relaxation in a beautiful natural environment.

Its vast facilities house over 1,000 wild animals from all continents, and children can watch the lifestyle in the wild. They will find it very interesting to follow closely the daily care of animals, let alone the fact that they can participate in feeding and caring for them. They will watch fascinating shows with seals, rare birds, hippos, elephants and wild wolves.

At the same time, have fun as a family with the park’s many amusements, such as rollercoasters, carousels and wheels. Then cool off by rafting on the river or live a unique experience by boating among real alligators!

If you want something calmer, hop on a real train for a ride in the Enchanted Forest or walk there all together and meet dwarfs and giant mushrooms. Soak up the peace and sun on the shore of one of the park’s lakes, picnic, or dine at one of the many themed restaurants.

The park also organizes five-day educational camps in the forest for children up to seventeen years old, but if you are interested, make sure about the spoken languages.

The activities and atmosphere of the park are fabulous, but the accommodation takes the experience to the next level. Choose one of the wooden houses in the savannah and relax on your terrace, watching giraffes, zebras and rhinos around you. Imagine the joy of children waking up in the morning in such a landscape, having these beautiful animals in their company.

The only thing missing from Le Pal is the sea. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for the first summer months, so that you have good weather without the possibility of autumn rain.

The overnight price for a family of four is around 700 euros offering free access to all the activities.

The entrance price for adults without accommodation is about 30 euros, for children 25 euros while children less than one meter tall do not pay a ticket.


Popeye Village - Malta

The “Village of Popeye” is in Malta and promises a fun day out for the whole family. It is a small seaside village built in 1979 for the shooting of the movie “Popeye”. Today it has been transformed into a tourist attraction and theme park with many shows and activities for all ages.

Fly to Malta and head to Mellieha, where Anchor Bay and the village are just 3km away.

Upon arrival, actors playing Popeye, Olive and the other heroes greet and guide you through their magical world.

Tour the wooden settlement, the film sets and the Popeye Museum. Step inside the log houses of the heroes, enjoy the performances, see the exhibits and play in the playgrounds participating in fun and educational activities.

Next, descend to the bay, where there are a cinema, a mini golf course, restaurants and cafes, and a golden beach with sun loungers, a sea trampoline, inflatable water games and platforms. If you don’t want to swim in the sea, it also has swimming pools for all ages, or take a boat ride in the bay with Popeye and enjoy the village from the water.

The day ticket for all activities, even sunbeds, costs 22 euros for adults and 16 euros for children. They also accept small pets.

The place is open all year round, but in summer, you can swim on the beach and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful “island of the Knights”, Malta. For the rest of the days of your stay, enjoy the other nearby beaches.



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