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Fabien is a passionate traveller who shares his experience, thoughts and photos with us. Let’s travel in his mind and see, through his eyes, some captures of our lovely planet.


What does travel mean to you?

Traveling means to me the discovery of new far places, the meeting of great people and unpredictable situations. It gives incredible memories.

Which part of the travel do you prefer?

When I finally arrive in the country, when I exit the airport or the train station. And that’s it, I’m there!

Is there anything that bothers you when you travel?

My level of English for not good enough, nor liking it when necessary to change currency. I always feel like being fooled. 😅

What do you miss most when travelling?

What I miss the most, I would say, is the comfort and simplicity of being at home in the evening after a long day of sightseeing.

Do you prefer to travel alone or with friends?

Alone or as a couple. I had some bad experiences with friends. It’s hard to be connected all the time with friends while travelling.

Who is your favourite travel companion?

My boyfriend. We know each other we have the same tastes. And out of love, we manage to make the necessary concessions. 😅

If you had to travel with someone famous, whom would you choose?

I don’t know at all. Maybe an explorer. Or a wildlife photographer like Vincent Munier.

What are the advantages of travelling alone?

Freedom! Get up at the time you want, go at your own pace, visit what you want when you feel like it, and change your mind without a headache. 🤣

Have you struggled somewhere due to language, and how did you deal with it?

Yes, often, especially when I travel alone since I don’t speak English very well. Though with a smile, a good mood and Google translate, finally, everything goes great. 😁

During a trip, who is the most interesting person you met?

I would say all the generous people (in the broad sense) I have met in my travels. And especially those who do not have the freedom me having in my country. And there have been several.

fabien's photos from russia

What is your best memory of travelling?

”The best memory was in Moscow when with my ex, we met two guys who showed us around their city all day in great places until the evening. Great places that we would never have seen alone. Then, in Russia, while I was sharing the sleeper cabin on a train with a mother and daughter. And tell each other about our respective travels. We in Europe, they in their vast country. And talk about each other’s fears.”

What's your funniest memory from travelling?

When we arrived in Venice in the rain, with our suitcase wheels broken and a pigeon that shited on my boyfriend’s head.

What's your worst travel memory?

Going on a trip to Vienna with your ex when knowing that it’s the end of the relationship and that there is no more complicity

Is there a place where you were impressed by its inhabitants?

Yes, in Russia. Despite the harshness and rigour, I saw on the street and the subway while walking, the people I met in intimacy had a thirst for life and freedom.

Where have you been that you would like to return to and why?

In Russia, during winter and in Amsterdam because it’s always awesome to return.

Where have you been that you don't want to go back?

Bratislava is cute but very small, to do only once.

Where have you been you would like to live and why?

I almost went to live in Poland for work and friends. But currently, no destination would make me leave France.

Which place would you like to visit that you haven't been there yet?

I want to go to Canada to see my friends, whom I have had to see for a long time. And recently, I would like to make a road trip to Armenia and Georgia.

london, england

”According to me the most interesting about travelling is the temporary acquaintances that create big moments of ”complicity” with people I will never see again.”

What are your favourite means of travel and why?

I love the train and passing the time watching the landscapes go by.

If you had to take only three things with you, what would they be?

Toothbrush, phone and a good pair of shoes for walking.

Could you travel through time, where would you go, and when?

In the Belle Époque, 1900- 1910, everywhere in Europe.

What advice would you give to someone preparing to travel?

To remain curious about places and people.

What would you say to someone who has not travelled abroad?

That everything will be fine. And that it’s going to be fun.

Which song would you choose for the soundtrack to your trip?

While travelling, I love listening to the best current songs of the country on Spotify in the language of the country.

travelling to italy

”My dream vacation would be to leave and move from place to place, visit, and meet without ever stopping.”

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Bruges, Belgium

berlin, germany

All the credits for the photos in this post belong to Fabien.



Fabien is an awesome person that I had the chance to meet while we were both travelling by ourselves. He is a passionate traveller with a big curiosity about exploring new places, meeting new people and welcoming all the exciting new experiences life offers. Furthermore, he is very talented at taking photos! I was amazed when I saw some of his pics, and it was so difficult for me to choose when he sent me some for this post. But the most important is that he has a lovely personality and great ideas. I enjoyed our conversations while walking around the city and am very happy to have met him. I am grateful for the time he dedicated to replying to those questions and sharing his pretty pictures with us. I’m sending him my best wishes for happiness, to enjoy everything and to travel the whole world! x

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